2012 RiverRun Results

The 39th and final Kiwanis RiverRun Canoe and Kayak race was held Saturday, April 28. In spite of terrible weather forecasts (most of which thankfully never occurred). 101 stout-hearted paddlers turned out for the final event down the Pewaukee and Fox Rivers. River conditions were excellent enabling paddlers to achieve respectable times. Thanks to all paddlers for supporting a great event!


Single Class

First: Mark Anich 1:14:45

Second: Andy McCarthy 1:18:35

Third: Zach Fenton 1:33:44


K-2 (two place)

First: Ann Williamsen - Don Stormoer 1:36:12

Second: Jim Tredwell - Chris Tredwell 2:07:47

Third: Tom McGuine - Amy McGuine 2:23:11


Women's (canoe)

First: Mary Eloranta Donna Hoelz 1:23:00

Second: Stephanie Shong Jessie Stevens 1:24:51

Third: Kelli Aber Stacey Zuberbuehler 1:31:49


Men's Standard (fiberglass)

First: Bill Perdzock Ben Perdzock 1:23:18

Second: Mike Gordon Glenn Schmidt 1:27:10

Third: Rick Slates Sam Monroe 1:28:44


Men's Aluminum

First: Bill Rudolph Chris Rudolph 1:28:32

Second: Ed Kurth, Sr. - Ed Kurth, Jr. 1:47:14

Third: Jacob Thurner Sam Thurner 1:48:51


Mixed (man & woman)

First: Mark Speerbrecher Tracy Speerbrecher 1:31:42

Second: Tammy Tomomitsu Art Speerbrecher 1:35:54

Third: Daryl Pagel Jennifer Zielke 1:48:29